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Virtual real estate inspection for commercial properties

‍Aim ofthis blog post: This blog post is all about showing you how a virtual property tour can not only speed up the commercial real estate sales process, but also make it more efficient and attractive to potential buyers. We will highlight the benefits and give you clear guidance on how to integrate this modern technology into your sales strategy.


In today's digital world, virtual property tours are becoming increasingly popular, especially for commercial properties. This technology is revolutionizing the way buyers experience real estate and making purchasing decisions. In this article, you'll learn what a virtual tour is and how to use it successfully for your property.

What is a virtual property tour?

A virtual property tour allows potential buyers to explore a property digitally, through 360-degree photos or videos that can be accessed online. This method offers prospects an immersive experience that closely resembles physically walking through the premises. A virtual tour works on all devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Why create a virtual property tour for your commercial property?

The main reasons for creating virtual tours are convenience for buyers, time saving for sellers and agents, and the possibility to present the property to a wider audience. Especially in times of travel restrictions or for prospective buyers from distant regions, this method offers incomparable advantages.

Advantages of virtual property viewing for commercial real estate

  • Accessibility: Potential buyers can view the property at any time and from anywhere.
  • Time savings: Reduces the number of physical visits.
  • Higher reach: Your property can be presented internationally.
  • Detail: Shows the property in high resolution and allows the viewer to see every detail.

How to create a virtual property tour for your commercial property

Step 1: Contact us

Start the process by discussing your ideas and wishes with us in detail. Your commercial property can either be scanned with a 360° camera if it already exists or, if it is still under construction, we can create a visualization and convert it into a 360° tour.

Step 2: Planning and execution of the scan or creation of the 3D model

For an existing commercial property, we will schedule an appointment for the 3D scan within ten business days. A 3D model of a property that is still under construction requires more time to create, but can be completed within 2-4 weeks.

Step 3: Integrate the virtual tour into your online presence

After completion you will receive a website link and an iFrame code from us, which you can use in many ways. The virtual tour can be integrated directly on your own website and is equally suitable for use in your ad on real estate portals such as ImmobilienScout24.

By incorporating virtual tours into your online marketing strategy, you offer potential buyers an immediate and realistic impression of your commercial property, which can significantly speed up the sales process.

Industry-specific applications of virtual property viewing

Virtual property tours are not only beneficial for traditional office spaces or retail stores. They also offer immense benefits for various other industries. For example:

  • Coworking spaces: These modern, flexible workspaces attract freelancers, startups and large companies alike. A virtual tour allows potential tenants to experience the atmosphere, layout and available amenities before they even set foot in the space. This is especially helpful because coworking spaces often have unique layouts and space offerings that are difficult to convey through photos alone.
  • Doctor's offices: For healthcare facilities, a virtual tour can put potential patients at ease by allowing them to see the environment in advance and understand what to expect during their visit. This is especially valuable for building trust with new patients looking for a new practice.
  • Restaurants and cafés: A virtual tour of a restaurant or café allows guests to experience the atmosphere and ambience. For event planners, this provides an excellent opportunity to assess the space and decide if it is suitable for their event.
  • Gyms and spas: These facilities also benefit from virtual tours by allowing potential customers to explore the facilities, equipment, and atmosphere, which can help with decision-making.
  • Educational facilities: Schools, colleges and universities can use virtual tours to show prospective students and their families campus facilities, classrooms, libraries and dorms, regardless of where they are located.

In each of these industries, a virtual tour allows prospects to get a full picture of the space, making the decision-making process easier and faster. In a world that increasingly relies on digital experiences, implementing virtual tours across different industries can provide a critical competitive advantage.

Tips for a successful virtual property tour

  • Feedback and Review: After you receive the first version of your virtual tour, take the time to thoroughly review it and provide us with detailed feedback. There may be areas that need to be adjusted or highlighted to ensure the tour presents your property in the best way.
  • Actively promote your virtual tour: Once the virtual tour is ready, actively use it in your marketing. Incorporate the link into your real estate listings, share it on social media, and use it in email campaigns. The more visibility the tour gets, the more effective it will be in attracting potential buyers or tenants.
  • Use at all stages of the sale: Remember that virtual tours are not just a tool for the initial stages of interest. They can also be useful in later sales phases to clarify questions or show additional details that may have been missed during an initial visit.

By working with us and actively participating in the process, you ensure that your virtual property tour is as effective and engaging as possible and delivers the best results for your commercial property.


Virtual property tours are an effective way to market your commercial property. Not only do they save time and money for sellers and buyers, but they also increase your chances of selling by making your property accessible to a wider audience. In an increasingly digital world, incorporating virtual tours into your sales strategy is a smart move.


Bernhard buzzer

Managing Director LUCID VISIONS GmbH

"Adaptability to modern technologies is at the heart of our marketing strategy. I see virtual "tours" as the decisive advance in real estate marketing in the coming years.

As CEO and co-founder of Lucid Visions, my vision is not only to lead a technological revolution, but also to establish a distinctive digital solution in the Munich real estate scene. Our unique approach sets us apart from the competition and sets new standards in the industry."

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