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3D visualization for real estate

3D building visualization is based on the principle that each building has its own individual character. Therefore, each visualization of a building requires a unique design. Our experts have developed a special process to best meet this principle.

3D visualization of a property is increasingly a very important tool in the process of selling or buying new construction and renovation properties. It allows to see how the property will look like in the future from different angles and can help the prospective buyer to make an informed purchase decision. With a virtual tour in 3D you can show prospective buyers how your planned house or housing unit will look like after completion. You can use our services to create a virtual tour including photorealistic high-end 3D visualization of your property.

We create 3D visualizations based on all common file formats. You already have the CAD drawing of your planning office? Then send it to us in DWG/DXF format or as FBX files with textures enclosed. We will then start immediately with the calculation of your individual offer.
Visualization living room and stairs

Virtual tour of a visualization

In order to offer prospective buyers the highest possible quality impression, the property can be made virtually walkable from the visualization - even in VR! With this technology, you can move freely through the interior of a house or apartment and thus add significant value to your real estate sales. This type of digital real estate marketing is perfect for real estate agents, construction/project developers, architects and anyone else who wants to present their real estate project in a high-quality way.

This solution offers an incomparable first impression for prospective buyers and can significantly increase their interest in buying. Thanks to the online view of the virtual tour, you can view a 3D model of a building from virtually anywhere in the world - even via VR glasses.

3D building visualization

A new building or a comprehensive renovation is planned, but it is difficult for you to imagine the object in the future?

No problem! With the help of the latest software solutions, we will competently assist you and create a photo-realistic visualization for you.

Our high-resolution renderings are suitable on the one hand for the optimal presentation of the future object, as well as for use in various sales documents and marketing materials, such as real estate exposés, brochures, object websites or presentations.
3D building visualization includes both the preparation of the 3D model and further processing for a photorealistic effect. The goal is to make as many small details as realistic as possible, because even a few deviations will cause the effect of photorealism to be lost.  

Lobby visualizationHouse with pool with furniture

Interior design

Visualizations offer various applications in the field of interior design. You want to renovate an apartment, a house or your business, but you can not yet imagine exactly how it will look after the renovation?
We are happy to create a 3D model of the property and design this exactly according to your ideas of furniture and color tones. When it comes to furnishings, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Do you prefer the light or dark parquet? With a direct comparison thanks to the photo-realistic visualization, the decision will be easier for you.

Project procedure

Step 1) Data and formats

As a basis for detailed visualization, the floor plan is used as the primary source. Feel free to send us the CAD drawings of your planning office in DWG / DXF format or as FBX files with textures attached.
When visualizing exterior views, a drone flight can be useful. 

Step 2) Individual offer

Based on the data, information and wishes provided by you, we calculate your offer transparently and fairly. We will be happy to discuss the offer and ideas for implementation in detail in a personal meeting.

Step 3) 3D modeling

3D building visualization is based on a3D model of the building.
The 3D model contains all the necessary information to visualize the building in any desired way. The 3D modeling is used to visualize objects such as buildings, furniture, garden, etc. 

Visualization of a living room

Step 4) 3D rendering

3D rendering is our specialty: Whether you want to show your own design or are looking for new inspiration - we have the right solution for you!
Before we start with the final rendering, you always have the possibility to make changes or adjustments in a correction loop.

Step 5) Creation virtual tour

To create the virtual tour, we carefully select different perspectives and render them as a 360° view. The panoramic points are then assembled according to a logical path to a virtual walk-through tour. For an optimal user experience, the final tour is displayed in high-resolution on all mobile devices and on the desktop thanks to responsive web design and adjusted to the respective screen size. Integration on your website or real estate portals, such as ImmoScout24, can also be implemented in no time at all thanks to the link and iFrame code.

Example: 3D visualization | virtual tour of a 4-room apartment (new building)

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Outlook for the next few years

Due to constant software development of Virtual Reality, VR and AR glasses and Web3.0, high quality virtualTours will become more important.

We have developed a comprehensive range of services that allows us to offer our customers high-resolution and photorealistic interior and exterior visualizations. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in this field and takes care of all technical aspects so that the image quality is as high as possible.

Our experts also take care of all other aspects of planning, designing and implementing your project. Feel free to contact us to discuss more details about your object.

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