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Virtual tour for existing properties

3D tour comparison to images

The application possibilities are manifold: No matter if you are from the real estate industry and want to give your partners or customers a first impression of a new home or an investment, if you want to help tourists to better imagine their stay in a hotel, restaurant, store or museum, if you want to inform patients about the special features of your practice or if you are in the construction business and want to update your partners about the current construction progress. Virtual 3D tours are versatile in their application, can increase the attention for your product, thus helping you to more orders and faster processing and overall to long-term satisfied customers.
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Where can a 3D tour be integrated?

Our 360° tours can be easily integrated into your website and Google Street View. This applies to websites programmed in HTML as well as CMS websites such as Wordpress.
We will be happy to help you ensure that the tour is displayed in the best possible way in mobile view on cell phones, tablets and on your website. We are also happy to help you with the integration in Google Street View. Thus, your business can be virtually visited in Google Maps as well as in Google Street View and the online visibility for your online presence can be significantly increased.

In which industries is a virtual tour suitable?

Real Estate



Underground car park


Medical practice





Vacation apartment


Cruise ship






Coworking Space




Wedding location



Yoga Studio


Sports hall e.g. badminton

Advantages of a virtual tour

Achievement of a 4 to 9 % higher

Selling price.

Shorten the time at the

market by an average of


Take tours

up to 40 %.

Shorten the time at the

market by an average of


Shorten the time on the market by

31 % on average.

The Metaverse and VR glasses
are becoming increasingly present.
A 360 degree tour is a good preparation for these new technologies.

We create your virtual tour

Why it's worth it? Real estate case study:

Let us convince you of the advantages of a virtual 3D tour. Start the sample tour now and see the added value for your business compared to traditional images.

How long does it take to create a 360° degree tour?

This depends on the square meter of the property. For example, about 100 square meters requires about 50 to 75 scan points and takes about 90 minutes.

Individualize tour

You would like to customize details in your tour such as inserting your logo in the menu, integrating your logo as a watermark or having your CI colors displayed e.g. in the menu? We are happy to implement your individual wishes.

You have sensitive information that should not be visible in the tour?

This is also no problem. Sensitive information such as license plates, documents, name tags, etc. we can make unrecognizable or blur for you. This way you can be sure that no information is published that should not be published.

Vacation apartment

You have a vacation home and would like to present it as a virtual tour on AirBnb ? You can also contact us for this at any time.
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