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3D visualization of real estate: How to see your dream house even before renovation

Goal of this blog post: The goal of this blog post is to give you a deep insight into the world of 3D real estate visualization, especially in the field of renovation planning. We want to show you how LUCID VISIONS innovative solutions can help you visualize your future dream home before the renovation even starts.

Introduction: How 3D visualization helps you make informed decisions in your property renovation:

3D real estate visualization allows you to take advantage of a virtual representation of your project before you begin the actual renovation. This advanced technology has become an indispensable tool in the real estate industry. It gives property owners and potential buyers the ability to get a detailed and realistic view of the final product without relying on flat, two-dimensional plans. This not only minimizes the risk of bad decisions during the renovation process, but also allows stakeholders to fully immerse themselves in the future outcome.

Advantages of 3D visualization of real estate for renovation planning:

  1. Increases efficiency: speeds up the decision-making process by giving stakeholders a clear idea of what the finished project will look like, eliminating uncertainty or doubt.
  2. Avoidance of misconceptions: By providing a realistic representation of the space after the renovation, misconceptions or surprises regarding the final product are greatly reduced. This helps to ensure satisfaction with the result and avoids unnecessary costs that could arise from subsequent changes.
  3. Improved communication: Promotes effective communication between all stakeholders by allowing clear, visual representations of the expected end product to be shared before the actual work begins. This leads to smoother execution and adherence to the shared vision.

Lucid Visions has established itself as a leading partner for 3D visualizations, offering high-quality services such as before-and-after visualizations and 360° tours that are not only impressive, but also economical.

Main part: Implementation of 3D visualization for successful renovations

How does 3D visualization of real estate work?

The process of 3D visualization starts with the creation of an accurate 3D model of the project based on the architectural plans or floor plan. Specialized software is used to render realistic images showing various aspects of the space. This technology also makes it possible to create virtual tours that provide a more immersive experience.

Optimal terminals for 3D visualizations in the real estate industry:

  • VR glasses such as Quest 3 from Meta: These devices offer a highly immersive experience and are ideal for virtual tours. They allow users to move around in a three-dimensional space and feel like they are actually on site. This is especially beneficial for VR property tours, as it gives potential buyers or tenants a realistic feel for the space.
  • Computers or tablets: These are less immersive than VR glasses, but still provide a high-quality view of 3D visualizations. They are especially useful for 360° tours, where users can get a full view of the room from all angles, but without the deep immersion that VR glasses provide.
  • Cost of 3D visualization of real estate:

    The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of the customer. However, it is an investment that offers significant benefits and returns, especially in the field of digital real estate marketing. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

    The importance of before and after visualizations at Lucid Visions:

    Is a before and after visualization essential? While it may not be mandatory, it undoubtedly offers significant benefits. A detailed visualization of a property's current condition can be an essential tool in the planning phase of a renovation. It allows stakeholders, especially architects who may not be physically on site, to get an accurate idea of the existing space. This promotes a deeper and more accurate discussion about possible changes and adaptations.

    In addition, this approach minimizes the risk of misunderstandings or mistakes in the planning, as all parties involved have a clear and consistent basis for the project. Thus, the before-and-after visualization proves to be not only a useful, but often an indispensable tool to bring certainty into the renovation process and to strengthen the confidence of all parties involved in the intended results.

    Virtual furniture: design your room before the renovation begins:

    Another revolutionary aspect of 3D visualization is the possibility of virtual furnishing. This advanced technology allows users to virtually furnish their space with different furniture pieces, color schemes, decorations and even flooring long before the physical renovation begins.

    Imagine you could try out different sofa sets, tables, artwork or lamps in your virtual room and immediately see how they harmonize with the room dimensions and natural light. You can even test different floor coverings to see how they interact with the furniture and other interior elements.

    This type of visualization is not only fascinating, but also extremely practical. It takes the guesswork out of interior design and provides a clear vision of what your renovated home might look like. Not only does this help you make decisions regarding design, but it can also prevent you from investing in furnishings that later prove to be inappropriate. Virtual furnishing is thus a powerful tool that brings a new level of personalization and security to the renovation project.

    360° Tours from Lucid Visions:

    With our 360° tours, customers can explore every corner of their future property from the comfort of their current location. These tours are interactive and provide a comprehensive view of the space.

    Conclusion: Maximize renovation success with 360° tours and 3D visualization

    The technology of 3D visualization and 360° tours is mature, but is still insufficiently used.
    Despite its relatively recent appearance, it has proven to be an indispensable tool that brings a new dimension of clarity and understanding to the renovation process. These methods allow for unprecedented visual communication that helps property owners and buyers go far beyond what traditional renovation plans can provide.

    With 3D visualizations and 360° tours, users can experience their future rooms in full form long before the actual renovation begins. This not only makes decisions more precise and confidence more solid, but also transforms abstract ideas into tangible realities. By offering a clear and vivid vision of what can be achieved, these advanced techniques play a crucial role in realizing a property's full potential and successfully achieving renovation goals.

    Take the next step: discover your possibilities with 3D visualization:

    Ready to bring your next real estate project to life with 3D visualization? Contact Lucid Visions today to learn how we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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