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Meta Quest 3 vs. Vision Pro vs. Pimax Crystal: The ultimate VR comparison 2023

Goal of this blog post: The goal of this blog post is to provide a detailed comparison between the three VR headsets, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and help you determine the best VR headset for your needs.

Introduction: A New Age of Immersion and Innovation in VR

In the world of virtual reality (VR), there is constant evolution and improvement, with each new headset promising to take immersion to the next level. In this article, we will examine three such headsets: Meta Quest 3, Vision Pro and Pimax Crystal.

Brief introduction to the three VR headsets Meta Quest 3, Vision Pro and Pimax Crystal.

  • Meta Quest 3: Known for its immersive gaming experience, high resolution and wide field of view.
  • Vision Pro: Focuses strongly on AR applications and offers high-quality specifications for professional use.
  • Pimax Crystal: Ideal for high-end gaming and professional simulations thanks to its extremely high resolution and wide field of view.

Overview of the main features of each headset

  • Resolution: The Meta Quest 3 shines with 4.56 million pixels per eye, while the Pimax Crystal boasts 8.3 million pixels per eye. The Vision Pro, however, surpasses both with an impressive 11.5 million pixels per eye and thus clearly takes the lead.‍
  • Field of view: Meta Quest 3 has a horizontal field of view of 110 degrees, Pimax Crystal offers up to 140 degrees, and Vision Pro is estimated to have between 100 and 120 degrees.‍
  • Tracking, Audio, Performance, Comfort, Price: All three headsets offer high-quality tracking, immersive audio, strong performance and comfort with different price points.

Explanation of the target audience for each headset type

  • Meta Quest 3: Ideal for gaming, social VR experiences and education.
  • Vision Pro: Perfect for professional applications, AR and users of the Apple ecosystem.
  • Pimax Crystal: Suitable for VR enthusiasts, high-end gaming and professional simulations.

Main part: On the test bench: Do the leading VR headsets meet expectations?

VR headsets in showdown: The ultimate criteria check!


  • Meta Quest 3: 2064×2208 per eye
  • Vision Pro: 23 million pixels (exact resolution not yet known)
  • Pimax Crystal: 2880x2880 per eye

Field of view:

  • Meta Quest 3: 110 degrees horizontal
  • Vision Pro: 100-120 degrees (estimated)
  • Pimax Crystal: Up to 140 degrees


  • Meta Quest 3: 515 grams
  • Vision Pro: Not yet official, estimated at around 500 to 700 grams
  • Pimax Crystal: 845 grams (with headband).


  • All three headsets offer solid inside-out tracking. Apple
  • Apple Vision Pro and Pimax Crystal offer eye tracking, this is not available on the Quest 3.


  • Integrated stereo speakers are standard in all three models.


  • Both Meta Quest 3 and Pimax Crystal use the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, while Vision Pro relies on the Apple M2 chip.


  • While Meta Quest 3 is known for its comfort, Pimax Crystal offers a somewhat heavier experience. We will only be able to adequately judge the comfort of the Vision Pro after its release in early 2024.


  • Meta Quest 3: From €549.99 for 128gb, from €699.99 for 512gb local storage
  • Vision Pro: From $3,499 (expected with 1 TB local storage)
  • Pimax Crystal: From €1,899 (with 256 gb local storage)

Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each headset

  • Meta Quest 3 Advantages: Accessible price, solid performance, large library of content. Disadvantages: Smaller field of view compared to Pimax.
  • Vision Pro Advantages: High-resolution visualizations, AR capability, integration with Apple ecosystem. Disadvantages: High price.
  • Pimax Crystal Advantages: Extremely high field of view and resolution, ideal for enthusiasts. Disadvantages: Higher price, less content library.

Comparison of the suitability of each headset for different applications

  • Gaming: Meta Quest 3 and Pimax Crystal are excellent for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Productivity: Vision Pro excels because of its AR capabilities and integration with the Apple ecosystem.
  • Education: Meta Quest 3 offers great opportunities due to its ease of use and affordable price.

Breakthrough or disappointment? The reality check for current and expected VR headsets".

In the fast-paced world of virtual reality, where technological boundaries are constantly being redefined, the leading VR headsets are facing the ultimate test. The Meta Quest 3 and Pimax Crystal have not only met expectations, but exceeded them in many areas. With their stunning graphics resolution, immersive audio experience, precise motion tracking, and comfortable design, these headsets have proven that they are more than ready to take us into the next phase of the digital revolution. Meanwhile, excitement remains high in anticipation of the Apple Vision Pro. With promises of groundbreaking features and cutting-edge technology, it remains to be seen if it will live up to the high expectations and redefine the standards for what's possible in virtual reality. Anticipation suggests it has the potential to not only deliver, but revolutionize our entire perception of reality and entertainment.


Summary of the most important findings from the comparison

While each headset has its strengths, choosing the best VR headset depends on your specific needs and budget. Meta Quest 3 offers a great all-around experience at an affordable price, Vision Pro is ideal for professionals who need deep integration with the Apple ecosystem, and Pimax Crystal is the go-to headset for those looking for the absolute best in resolution and field of view.

Recommendation for the best VR headset for different user types

  • General users: Meta Quest 3
  • Professional users: Vision Pro
  • Enthusiasts and hardcore gamers: Pimax Crystal

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